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During the month of January, the 1970 Batch of Madras Christian College Higher Secondary School celebrated their Golden Jubilee of schooling. The 1970 Batch consists of many well known alumni such as the Leader of the DMK party, Mr.M.K.Stalin, The CEO of VGN group, Mr.VN Devadoss and The prince of Arcot,Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali.

It was a huge reunion with even the print and visual media covering the event. The former students were able to meet up with their old friends and also relived their school life.

This Golden Jubilee Reunion happened on 3rd and 4th January 2020.The first day saw an informal gathering and the second day the formal meeting. Mr.M.K.Stalin took everyone by surprise by attending the first day meeting. alumni visited their classrooms too. On the second day the teachers who taught them, Mr.Robert Jothirajan, Mr.K.O.Joseph, Mr.R.LakshmiNarayanan, Mr.P.Mythran, Mr.Sudarakrishnan, Mr.B.Jayaraman, Mr.D.Sundar Singh, Mr.C.Pattabiraman and Mr.Narayanan were honoured.