American Field Services(AFS)

AFS (American Field Service)

AFS is an educational organization that promotes activities to create global citizens by providing students the opportunities to develop the required knowledge and skills.

Our school has been associated with AFS for the past several years.Each year a few of our students, as part of the exchange program,go to the USAand Japan.They learn to adjust to the culture and traditions of that place,while imparting valuable information about our country and our school.In fact,these students serve as cultural ambassadors of our country and our school.They make us proud by representing us in the host nation. The school also hosts students from abroad for a year. This promotes intercultural learning and also the value of being connected despite the geographical boundaries and limitations.

This is an important aspect of our education process and is part of why we believe that education is not something you get just by reading text books.

The following students have been on the program during the academic year 2018– 2019

Master. B. Akash XI ‘A’

Master.Kumaran Prabhu XII ‘S’