Non Uniformed Services

School Band

This school band consists of a group of enthusiastic students who perform at all major events in school. The students learn to play different instruments like the bass drum, kettle drum, clarinet, trumpet and cymbals. Working with the tutor, they have mastered several tunes and have earned a reputation of being one of the finest units in Chennai. They have been invited to play at several government functions and festivals thus earning another feather on the cap for the school.


1. Mr.D.Joseph Singh Jeyakumar
2. Mr. Paulraj Premanand
3. Mr. D.Barnabas


Road Safety Patrol
RSP ensures an accident free life. The twin objectives of RSP is
prevention and reduction of accidents as their motto is “We Live
to Serve”. The RSP cadets are also trained to regulate traffic during the morning hours.


1. Mr. V. Kamaladas
2. Mr. M. Karthik
The Miller Guides and scouts
This unit builds self confidence in students to be better individuals and play a constructive role in society as their motto is “Be Prepared”.


1. Mrs. E. Helena Sardonyx
2. Mr. David Raja
3. Mrs. Blessy Yaheal
4. Mr.G.Vijay
Junior Red Cross
It enhances interest in students to love and serve others as their motto is “I Serve” with the three core principles – Help/Serve/Friendship. The school JRC educates the children on value of life and health. It provides activities related to protection of life and health, volunteer services during disaster and also disaster management.