Club Activities

Art Club

This club elevates the imaginative skill in every individual by their creative drawings and paintings.

Teachers in Charge :

2.Mr.A.S.Joseph Samuel


Commerce Club

This club in stills in the young minds the art of becoming tomorrow's entrepreneurs.

Teacher in Charge :




Computer Club

This club ignites the youngsters to have a special training in new software packages and helps to keep abreast of the newer technology.

Teacher in Charge :

Mrs.Malathy Benjamin


Cultural Club

This club prompts the embedded talents in every student to be agreat budding professional artist.

Teacher in Charge :

Mr.D.Jaison Arputharaj


Heritage Club

It reinforces the pupils to preserve and enjoy our varied culture through field trips.

Teacher in Charge :

1. Ms. S. Shanthy Ida


Interact Club

It aims to propel leadership qualities through interaction such as debates, quiz etc. This club is sponsored by Rotary Club of Madras, Central Aaditya.

Teachers in Charge :

1. Mr.K.Sridhar
2. Mr.D.Jacob Selvaraj
3. Mrs.Beatrice Sheela Moses


Library Club

This club aims to upgrade the students vocabulary through reading and multimedia educational programmes

Teachers in Charge :

1. Mr.Joseph Jerald
2. Mrs.E.Priya


Literary Association

This bilingual literary association amplifies the language skills in every individual through competitions like Essay writing, Recitation, Oratorical etc.

English Literary Association

Teachers in Charge :

1. Mr.Daniel Vasanthan - std 11 & 12
2. Mrs.Christiana Rathnavathy - std 9 & 10
3. Mrs.Anita Helen Grace - Std 6 to 8


Tamil Literary Association

Teachers in Charge :

1. Mr.K.Muthumony - Std 11 & 12
2. Mr.B.John Ebenezer - Std 9 & 10
3. Mr.I.Solomon - Std 6 to 8
4. Mr.A.G.Samathana Raju - Std 6 to 8

Tamil Literary

Maths Club

It aims to trigger every student to like and take keen interest in Mathematics.

Teachers in Charge :

1. Mr.N.Chendhilvel - Std 11 & 12
2. Mr.D.S.Gnandason - Std 9 & 10
3. Mrs.Lenin Antony Sharmila - Std 6 to 8


Music Club

As music is the universal language of mankind, this club adorns the music lovers to use their talents and excel through various competitions and performances.

Teachers in Charge :

1. Mrs.Malathy Benjamin
2. Mr.W.Paulson Priyadoss


NGC(National Green Corps)/ECO(Environmental Conservation Organization) Club

Abiding by their motto  “Where there is green, there is Prosperity” the club creates awareness among students about environment and  problems faced  through decision making and action based programmes.

Teachers in Charge :

1. Mr.D.Maxwell
2. Mrs.R.Subhadra


Quiz Club

This unique club enables the students to acquire the latest information and take up the challenge for interschool debates, competitions and developments.

Teachers in Charge :

1. Mr.E.Prakash Edwin - Std 11 & 12
2. Mr.Joseph Jerald - Std 9 & 10
3. Mrs.E.Helena Sardonyx - Std 6 to 8

Red Ribbon Club

This club creates awareness about AIDS among students.

Teachers in Charge :

1. Mr.R.Natarajan
2. Mr.Davidraja

Science Club

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. So this club helps the students to build their scientic outlook through science fair, working models and simple experiments.

Teachers in Charge :

1. Mr. A. James Edward - Std 11 & 12
2. Mr.R. Natarajan - Std 9 & 10
3. Mrs. Beatrice Sheela Moses - Std 6 to 8

Scripture Club

Scriptures are like packets of light that illuminates our minds and give place to guidance and inspiration from on high. Sothis Club embellishes the students to have a deeper communion with God and shine forth as beacons in the world.

Teachers in Charge :

1. Dr.M.Benedict - Std 10 to 12
2. Mr. R. Nadarajan - Std 6 to 9


Sports Club

It aims to bring about the innate ability in a student and to makethem an exemplary sports personality.

Teachers in Charge :

1. Mr. M. Joseph David Ebenezer
2. Mr. J. Senti Kumar
3. Mr. I. Charles Samuel
4. Mr. B. Jebasingh

sports and games1


This club inspires students to study about UN and its agencies by celebrating the UN anniversaries and organizing mock assemblies.

Teachers in Charge :

1. Mr. J.Joseph Jerald
2. Mrs.E.Helena Sardonyx
3.Mrs.A.T.Angeline Priyadarshini


National Cadet Corps






Students Counsellors


Students Council