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This situation was more than well managed by the deceptively simple but highly competent Mr.Mathias who took over as Headmaster in 1962. He must have learnt the secrets of a successful administrator through a long period of apprenticeship from his predecessor who, in his latter days in school often took off to meet greater demands made on him leaving the school entirely in the able hands of his celebrate Warden, who had ruled over his monastery (the Hostel) ever since 1937. Thanks to his careful fiscal policy, with it he was able to pull the school out of the great financial liabilities the new buildings had sunk the school into. He formed the Parent-Teachers Association with no less eminent a President than Dr. A. Lakshmanaswamy Mudaliar, who was assisted by dynamic men like Dr. Chitti Babu. With the help of the Association and other friends Mr. Mathias was soon able to add the seventh standard block, quip the laboratories and to start new programmes. Meticulously British-like in punctuality but typically Indian in warmth and emotion, Mr. Mathias presented the students a model and a style of life which they could profitably emulate.